How To Use

Realyzer was created for any level real estate investor, from the newbie investor to the experienced. This tool provides a simple and intuitive interface to input your data for any rental property.

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Visual Walkthrough

realyzer rental property calculator walkthrough usage
Walkthrough usage of the app

Enter Property Address for Map and Property Tax Estimates:

rental property calculator mapbox geocoding address to coordinates feature
Enter an address and click "Search Address" to find the property on the map!

Mortgage Calculation Formula

For the mortgage calculation, the key variables to keep track of were the Property Value, the user's Down Payment Percentage (e.g. 20% down), the Interest Rate (e.g. 4%), and the Length of the Loan (e.g. 30 years). These numbers were then plugged into a complex mortgage calculation formula to determine the user's monthly mortgage payment. The user then has the freedom to adjust the Down Payment and Interest Rate via range inputs to dynamically adjust the monthly payments.

  Mortgage calculation formula:
    M = P [ r(1 + r)^n ] / [ (1 + r)^n – 1]
      P = The Principal loan amount
      r = Monthly Interest Rate
      n = Number of months required to repay the loan
rental property calculator simple mortgage calculator
Simple, Adjustable Mortgage Calculator

Final Results:

Realyzer rental property calculator PDF page 1 cash on cash return net cash flowRealyzer rental property calculator PDF page 2 monthly expenses down payment closing costsRealyzer rental property calculator PDF page 3 mapbox api zillow redfin map marker
Final result pages with your inputted data available to save as a PDF or print!

For more on how it was made: Case Study